About Us

Scutes are a company based in Wrexham, UK, that provides high quality products to protect the interiors of a vast range of vehicles. All of our products are designed and manufactured within the UK. Our online shop is designed to be simple to use, with clear product information and detailed images. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and quick response rate.

Why Scutes?

Pronunciation. sküt
noun Zoology.
a thickened dermal protective plate as on a turtle, crocodile etc.
< Latin scūtum shield
Basically, we are here to protect your car, van or 4x4!


Vehicle Floor Mats

For vehicle floor mats, we make it easy for you to select your preferences to make a highly bespoke product unique to you. To find out more about our tailored vehicle mats please click here.

Waterproof Seat Covers

Our vehicle seat covers are handmade with care and each machinist takes responsibility for stitching a set of covers from start to finish. We use good quality, durable cloth and trimmings combined with convenient design features. To find out more about our tailored car seat covers please click here.

If you have any questions about us, or our interior car accessories, please contact us.


Company Address  
Registered Address
Brynford House 21 Brynford Street Holywell Flintshire CH8 7RD